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Comments from readers are encouraged. In fact, they’re pretty central to the idea of using a blog – it’s more a discussion than the publishing of a manifesto.

The first time you comment, your words will need to be moderated. But after that, it’s pretty much open slather.

One of the things I find with keeping a blog is that the more “serious” the topic, the less readers tend to comment. Yet that’s the exact opposite of how I think it should happen. My ideas are just that, ideas. Hatched in the mind of someone who quite often thinks a lot about something, but misses the obvious. So feel free to comment, debate, ask questions, throw in different points of view, anything. Chances are, you’ve thought of something I haven’t – it’s easy, coz there’s kabillions of angles to things I haven’t thought about. So I’d encourage discussion, debate, questions, alternate ideas, alternate theories, anything.


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