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leg2avg.gifI am Aurelius. And I used to write a blog “The Lost Legionary”. But I decided it was too big and cumbersome and unmanageable, so I started here, for my new direction, and my new fresher ideas. Along the way, I hope I’ve left a lot of negative people behind. But that can only be a good thing.

This new blog is meant to be somewhere where not only I, but you, feel comfortable to contribute. So I’d encourage anyone who reads to post comments, debate the ideas raised, or even just to say hello.

I can be contacted on m.f.aurelius@gmail anytime, or those who know other ways of contacting me are welcome to. I’ll debate anything.



  1. I would like to thank you for visiting my blog this evening!!!

    I appreciate that you agree with my feelings about excessive ads. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of my future work.

    Looking forward to reading new and interesting articles on your feed.

    Thank you,

    Jason MoneySpace

  2. I too will thankyou for your visit. Whilst we may not see eye-to-eye on the issue you visited me on, I welcome debate.

  3. good golly, I haven’t stumbled over the banana have I?

  4. bloglink hopping – an artquilter’s blog led me to Ampersand Duck, whose blog I of course promptly subscribed to, and she linked a few ‘berra bloggers in a post about a get-together, and I was bored enough to go see who she finds interesting enough to link/meet, and amongst them was this dude blathering about Rome who’s just returned to southerly parts from northern realms … how many can there be?

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