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As anyone who reads this blog will soon work out, I use pseudonyms for place-names. So for the newbies who haven’t quite worked it out yet, here is the page you’ve been looking for.

The main place to remember is Rome, which looks a bit like this in places:

This is the city where Caerulia and Lucius live. Edit: I live in Rome now, having returned in July 2007.

Until July 2007, for four years, I lived in Jerusalem:


I’ll also often refer to my home-town, Novocastria. This pseudonym is well known to the locals, but very few outside the city. Locals proudly refer to themselves as Novocastrians. Here’s a pic of one of my hometown’s beaches:


And being a Novocastrian, I don’t like much the city I refer to as Mos Eisley (it’s too big, smelly and has too many traffic lights):



Another location that will probably come up in the future is Tibur which looks a little like this:


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