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Ever wondered what happens when you let a science nerd write a folk song?

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Last week, I downloaded a copy of Time On Earth, the ‘new’ Crowded House album. I like it, but I still hold to my belief that without Hessie, it’s not the Crowdies. The last few days, I’ve been trawling through my Crowded House CD collection. It’s extensive because they were one of the only bands where I followed them through their whole career and bought singles as well as albums. On YouTube, I started watching their videos as well. And it was there I found this. Read More »

I’ve been playing with YouTube, and featuring YouTube Sunday for several months. Of course, in the middle, I had to pause, when I didn’t have broadband access. But I decided now would be a good time to revisit the videos featured so far. So here, we have a summary. Provided for one of my friends. Who I made laugh today.


If You Really Loved Me – a song by Tim Minchin
Dam Wars – a mash-up of Star Wars and The Dambusters


We May Never Meet Again – a song for Alderney
The Future of Marketing – a cute little documentary
We Need Girlfriends – YouTube TV show


All Tip & No Iceberg – PJK at his best
John Safran‘s Race Around the World entry
Fred Dagg’s nomination for a new New Zealand national anthem
and a song from Neil Finn.

Enjoy. More next week.

One of the most popular destinations in my archives, at least when it comes to Google, is the YouTube Sunday post featuring the Doug Anthony All Stars doing Throw Your Arms Around Me. I miss DAAS. I also find it rather enlightening that there is now a generation growing up who do not remember them. But their legacy lives on in some of this country’s musical comedy acts, especially one featured in today’s YouTube Sunday – Tim Minchin.

He did this song a few weeks ago on Paul McDermott’s Sideshow programme. I became an instant fan. He’s got the oddest ways of rhyming words in the song. But it’s not just the song – his facial expressions are priceless. Especially when he sings about “…you’d agree to adopt…” I wont ruin it by explaining – just take a look.

I decided to return a tradition from a few months back. Especially now I have good reliable broadband once more.

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The trip was long, and the less said about it the better. Travelled from 6am to 1am. When we got to Caerulia’s, all I wanted was a shower and a sleep in a warm bed. I got both. It’s nice being back in a house with a good shower – that was one of the worst things about living in Jim’s house.

I’ve got a lot to write, about immediate plans, last night’s dinner party, condom-covered barmix machines, running into old colleagues, reuniting with old friends, the frustration of dial-up net access, changing fortunes, Will’s theories put into practice, and a whole lot more.

But until I get decent net access, a lot will be limited. My writing, my reading of blogs, even my favourite regular thing – YouTube Sunday- has to be curtailed. Sorry to the 3 or 4 people who like that one. Much much more to come though. I might have to start writing entries, then coming online to post them, rather than writing online.

The Lancer performed well though, but she is retired now. Until she gets some serious surgery.

The next step begins tomorrow. Ringing employment agencies I’ve already spoken to – arranging interviews for Tuesday and Wednesday. Rome’s employment situation is so good that it’s the kind of topic locals discuss in normal conversation – how businesses and government departments need people. So finding work should be easy. Then I have to get cash flowing once more. And find somewhere to live other than Lucius’ spare bed.

It’s nice to be home though.

This week for YouTube Sunday, I’m returning once more to a song. Australian readers will know the song, and the performers, but may not have seen the combination. For the overseas readers, I’ll give a bit of background.

This song is, I think, the greatest love song ever written in this country. It originally came out in the 80s, done by Hunters & Collectors, an Aussie pub-band whose version made some impact, but, like some of the greatest songs, didn’t receive the success it deserved. Over the years though, through countless renditions in thousands of pubs, it became an anthem for many. It’s a song about a final encounter. I always used to think it was a one-night stand, but I now consider it to be about a couple who are seeing each other for the final time and, as the lyric says:

We may never meet again
So shed your skin and lets get started
And you will throw your arms around me

As Mark Seymour said of this song:

Love songs are hard enough to pull off tastefully. The strength of Arms is in its honesty, and a very simple hooky chorus. Other than that there isn’t much else to say. It’s personal. Hunters played it with great force and conviction.

I’ve thought for a while now that someone really should compile the different version of this song. I’ve heard brilliant versions by Neil Finn, Crowded House, Pearl Jam, Paul McDermott, several never-to-be-known-of pub bands, and several versions by Mark Seymour and of course Hunters & Collectors.

This version though is by the Doug Anthony All Stars. At a tribute concert several years ago. DAAS reunited for this gig. And this video is the best thing to come out of that gig. Plus of course, it’s introduced by my hero, Mikey Robins.

Here tis…..

I will come for you at night time
I will raise you from your sleep
I will kiss you in four places
I’ll go running along your street
I will squeeze the life out of you
You will make me laugh and make me cry
We will never forget it
You will make me call your name and I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky

We may never meet again
So shed your skin and lets get started
And you will throw your arms around me

I dreamed of you at night time
And I watched you in your sleep
I met you in high places
I touched your head and touched your feet
So if you disappear out of view
You know, I will never say goodbye
Though I try to forget it
You will make me call your name and I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky

We may never meet again
So shed your skin and lets get started
And you will throw your arms around me
Yeah you will throw you arms around me

This is for the one I’m leaving behind. 😥

I heard about this on the radio last week. It’s very clever. It’s an ad for a charity, but done as a documentary, well, a mock-umentary really.

This YouTube Sunday, I present the first episode in a series called ‘We Need Girlfriends”.

Until recently, I thought YouTube was for short music videos or snippets like I’ve been showing each Sunday. But this is different. This is a show, like a tv show, but each episode’s only 5 to 10 minutes long. These guys have made quite a professional-looking show, and they put out an episode every couple of months (there’s 8 so far).

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Today’s edition of YouTube Sunday is political. But in a beautiful way.

I know some of you are great fans of this man, as am I. I’m even trying to work out how to get this as a ringtone for my phone.

I give you, the Placido Domingo of Australian politics…..

The last two Sundays, I’ve posted things I’ve found on YouTube that grabbed my mood. This week, since YouTube Sunday is becoming a tradition around here, I post this.

For those of you who can remember Race Around the World from 1998, this is the audition tape of John Safran, who became the most controversial of the contestants. His story in Round 9 wasn’t able to be broadcast, so they played his audition tape instead. It shows without doubt why he was selected. It still makes me chuckle, even after all this time.

Last week, a question popped into my head: what can we tell about our world-view by looking at a list of the national anthems we recognise?
You see, I can only recognise the national anthems of a handful of countries – Australia, the US, the UK, France, Germany and Russia. From that, what does it say of my world view? Is your list any different? Why do you think that is?

While pondering this question, I began to think about New Zealand’s national anthem. It’s called God Defend New Zealand. And truth is, I wouldn’t have a clue if I heard it. Actually, the only reason I know its name is the debut episode of Hessie’s Shed in 1998. John Clarke made a joke about the Kiwi anthem, and he said he’d been trying (along with the Footy Show in NZ) to get it replaced with another song. A song he then performed with Neil Finn & Paul Hester. It’s called “We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are”. And it seems to be a song for Kiwis to feel good about their country. Which, after all, is what a national anthem’s for, isn’t it?

So here, in all its glory, is a copy of it. And I have to admit, if I were a Kiwi, I’d want this as my national anthem. It shits all over Advance Australia Fair. Even done to the tune of Gilligan’s Island or House of the Rising Sun or Working Class Man.

She came all the way from America
She had a blind date with destiny
And the sound of Te Awamutu
Had a truly sacred ring