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Category Archives: weird

Some bloke has built a 1:20 model of the German WW2 pocket-battleship. And it’s so big, he can travel in it. Have a look. Of course, the obvious question is “why?” but I guess the world’s like that – full of loops who’d spend years on a project most of us would look at for five minutes, think “cool” and then move on.



I was just in the cafe getting some lunch. And what did I see?


Some smart-arse came up with the idea decapitating chocolate frogs, and selling their heads. Am I really so out of touch that this disturbs me and noone else??

milkcartonhat.jpgI can accept that in this globalised world, there are customers for just about anything you can imagine. But does anyone seriously believe there are people in the world who would fork out $21.99 (US) for this? It’s a foam hat, in the shape of a milk carton. You can buy it at Amazon.

(I received no financial benefit for “promoting” this product. I simply did it because it made me giggle. And yes, this was inspired by something someone wrote in their LiveJournal – you know who you are)