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On this video, ABC’s Mediawatch showed how Channel 10 has broken the law running subliminal advertising during the recent Aria Award presentation. Channel 10 has passed the buck and said it’s not subliminal advertising. The advertisers put their hands up and say “nothing to do with us”. The program’s producers say it was Channel 10 who did it.

I’d urge you all to watch the video. And if you think what’s been done is wrong, then do this:

  • complain to the TV network (of course, I know none of you will, but I guess it’s an acceptable form of protest);
  • highlight this behaviour;
  • and most importantly, boycott the companies who pay for this kind of advertising (in this case: KFC, Bigpond, Chupa Chups & Olay).

The only way companies will be discouraged from this kind of deceitful (and illegal) conduct is if it hurts their bottom line. The only way to make corporations behave in a decent and civil manner is if not doing so impacts their profits. So I’d urge you to punish these corporations in the only way they’ll understand.


20070116helfer_230.jpgWhile bored at work the other day, I was browsing the web and came across a number of Galactica-flavoured bumper stickers such as the topic above. Anyway, as I am sometimes prone to do, I made one of them my MSN away message. It said “I’m not a Cylon, but my imaginary girlfriend is”.
This prompted several people to message me asking what a Cylon was. hell-oh! Ever heard of google? Actually, if you don’t know what a Cylon is, where have you been?

classic.jpgGuess what he’s hooked on? He discovered it yesterday, and couldn’t wait to get home from school today so he could keep watching.


He’s definitely my son.

I used to be depressed. As in, I was diagnosed with depression in 1997.

Over the last ten years, I’ve come up with different ways to deal with how I am. One is that I rate how I’m feeling on a scale from -100% to +100%. So I just accept where I am on the scale, and adjust appropriately.

I don’t believe in depression, as a ‘disease’. And the problem with when I’ve got a theory is that occasionally, I’ll find reinforcement for it, and then there’s no stopping my unconventional beliefs. The best advice I ever heard regarding depression comes from this documentary from a few months ago. It’s the story of Brian Egan, a navy veteran who’d seen some pretty awful things during his service, then tried to become a farmer and lost the family farm. He ended up suicidal in a hospital, and a doctor told him “Find someone worse off than yourself Brian, and help them.” So he did. It was the best advice anyone gave him, and it’s the best advice anyone with ‘depression’ can hear.

Too many ‘depressed’ people are treated in the worst possible way by those around them. They are indulged. The only real way to deal with depression is to get off your arse and fix it. Find things you care about, and immerse yourself in them. Find a wrong, and make it right. Accept what you are, and how you are, and get on with life. Everything else – counselling, drug therapy etc is just bullshit. Depression saps your will to cure yourself. It destroys your self-motivation. So it takes effort to overcome the inertia and get off your butt. But it’s the only cure there is. Life’s there to be lived. Stop fucken whinging and get on with it. Noone ever died wishing they’d watched more TV.


Last night, ABC TV showed the controversial film “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. I didn’t watch it last night, but I have seen it on TV Links. So I didn’t need to. But they also hosted a debate amongst some Australian scientists about the claims made in the film.

ABC Radio’s Science Show put up a counter-episode here.

I think this raises an interesting question about the levels of public awareness about issues. For example, if you can make a glossy film that looks like a documentary, and you can use captions on screen to say someone is a scientist from such and such a university, then the format and the information presented gains some credibility. Even if everything they say, and the positions and qualifications you say someone has are completely false.

So who can you trust? Not just on this issue, but on any issue? Unless I know someone personally, or have their legitimacy vouched for by someone whose judgement I do trust, how can I tell if someone is really a professor of atmospheric climatology or an actor with a subtitle on the screen?

Over at George Marshall’s blog, he explains that the main reason the Swindle film gained traction with many people, amongst other reasons, is that the public want to believe in it. They want to believe that their lifestyles aren’t threatened.

Personally, my views are a mixture of what I have gained from study, absorbing the words of Will over twenty years, reading New Scientist each week, following the issue in the media, attending talks and seminar like the Earth Dialogs last year and my own readings.

In more than a decade online, I have never seen a website that rivals this.

It is, by far, the greatest website I have ever found.

If you don’t have broadband, and a metric shiteload of data quota, it’s not much good to you.

Previously, I had said that I thought Battlestar Galactica had jumped the shark. Because it’d lost the “direction” it seemed to have in the first season. Now though, I’ve seen season three. All of it. And I have to say, my opinion is reinforced like never before. It’s drifted so far into the realm of the ridiculous that I couldn’t make it sillier if I actually wanted to.

I’ve now decided that it jumped when Laura Roslin was cured of cancer. From that moment, her place in “the prophecies” started to become questionable. And while I think it’s interesting to see the dissent and disagreement amongst the Cylons, the place where the show ended up at the end of season 3 is just dumb.

As I said to Jim the moment it was finished “George Lucas, in all his Phantom Menace creative bullshit-ness could not have fucked up Galactica more than it’s been ruined now”. Starbuck returning from the dead to lead them all to Earth? Was that in their prophecies? Or the roll-call of Cylon agents who were all hearing “All Along the Watchtower” in their heads that drove them to a meeting? How completely ludicrous!

Galen Tyrol can’t have been a Cylon – or his and Callie’s son would have the same magical powers as the cross-bred baby Hera. Saul Tigh can’t be a Cylon – or that means the Cylons had the “human-cloning” technology during the first Cylon wars (and they clearly didn’t).

And what of where Caprica Six saw one of the final models and recognised them? There’s only a handful of humans she’d know, and none of them were amongst the final set of Cylons (although I did note that one remains a mystery).

As I said months ago when I finished season 2, the writers have lost direction, lost their plot. Meaning the show has lost the plot in a big way.