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Category Archives: job hunt

I start my new gig on Monday, September 10. Because it’s with an IT-related company, it has certain perks as part of the package, including an unlimited (and that means real unlimited, not the pretend-unlimited that passes for unlimited in the marketplace) internet broadband account. So I can once again return to my TV-Links addiction. Oh, and for those of you who missed it when I carried on months ago how good TV Links is, click the link – it’s amazing, I have been converting people on it for months.

Also as part of the deal is staff discounts on things like IT products and web hosting. So those who I’ve spoken to about sharing a deal for web-hosting, I’ll soon be in touch to sort all that out.

I sent the letter of acceptance today. Kind of odd, as I’ve never been officially offered a job in writing before and had to accept, once I’d considered all the benefits and responsibilities. Anyway, it starts off on okay money for three months, then turns into something along the lines of what I was looking for, so it’ll be worth doing.

putin.jpgOh, and just as an aside, I was on my way out to the Transtiberina job yesterday morning and I went past Rome’s airport. It’s being used as a parking lot for all the dignitaries aircraft this week, while Mos Eisley hosts the APEC summit. Because they had planes there from China, Japan and Russia. I dunno about you, but I think it’s much cooler we’re hosting a visit from Emperor Vladimir of Russia than Prince George of America. I wish my blog had more Russian readers. I’d like to know more Russians. When I managed bands, I befriended a band called Karamazoff Bike from Vladivostok. Caerulia described them as “like A-ha but Russian”.

The last few weeks of hunting for work, I’ve ended up with several applications on the go at once. In my head, I’ve kind of rated which ones I’d like best, and which ones I am mostly indifferent to. Today, number two on that list landed.  So the Transtiberina gig only lasted until lunchtime today.

After dilly-dallying around with temp jobs that only lasted a few days here and there, I got a call this afternoon offering me a month-long assignment. It’s not one I’d want to stay with for longer than that month (considering it’s in the Transtiberina) but it’ll do for now, and it’ll pay the bills. But it’ll also mean putting a dampener on my Eve addiction. Still, better than nothing.

I can tell I’m back in Rome when the lady who yesterday interviewed me about a level 4 position in a government department this evening served me fish and chips.