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I’ve just been to Caerulia’s. She’s been quite unwell, and she sent me a text that made me think she was feeling down. So I went over.

When I got there, I found out two things.

  • my Lancer which has been dead since the great return has been vandalised and the bonnet will probably need replacing; and
  • Caerulia’s car was broken into late last night – they managed to get it down the driveway and onto the street, but failed to get it started. A neighbour called the police, who were powerless to do anything.

Her neighbourhood used to be nice. Now, it’s full of scum.

So we’re putting some extra security in at her place. And I’ll be selling the Barina to get the Lancer working again. More money I don’t have.



  1. (((hugs))) Even “nice” areas suffer the occasional break-in.

  2. There are a lot of bastards out there.

    I learnt the hard way earlier in the year to never leave anything valuable in my car…

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