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Reichsministers Howard & Brough are gone. Ruddock remains. The fools – Coonan, Andrews, Abbott – remain. But with power stripped from their hands, they’re impotent. And their best hope today announced he’d not take leadership.

I’m sunburnt. Extremely sunburnt & sleep-deprived. I did all day at the polling booth. Then sat up watching the coverage and engaging in SMS conversations. By the end of the night, the only shadows were uncertainty in Bennelong and Swan.

It’s 9 years since my excommunication. And now we’ve won one, I can forgive myself.



  1. Feels good doesn’t it? 10 hours of sunburn (mine under a Queensland sun) for such a good result.

    Sadly it doesn’t look like I got a Green senator up for Qld. 😦
    And Ron Boswell is still there, meaning the coalition & FF can block anything. :((
    But three Labor senators… not bad. 🙂

  2. “slip, slop, slap”, guys! or were you too busy slipslopslapping Howard?

    btw i was standing in a queue in the newsagent on sunday, behind this very posh lady who was loudly and bitterly complaining about the result to the shopkeeper. suck eggs i thought, smiling. let’s see how these guys like being frustrated Ruddhaters for the next decade, eh! we’ve done our dues.

  3. Forgiveness is for fools 😉

  4. *dances on Howards political grave*

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