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I heard something on the radio today. They had a quiz question: “Who was the face on the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine in 1967?

A lady rang up and said “Paul McCartney” and the radio presenter said “Close, he was in the same band as Paul” and she said she didn’t know the names of the other Beatles.

And i began to wonder: do people really exist who can’t name them?

(For those of you who don’t know him – and let’s face it, that’s all of you – this picture reminds me of my cousin Marquis)



  1. It upsets me when people say things like that, I feel like beating them over the head with a tree branch.

  2. Lala, I agree. I’d like to tree-branch-beat everyone in this little story – the lady who rang the radio station (for cluelessness), the radio presenter (for giving such an obvious clue), my cousin (for reminding me of Lennon) & especially Paul McCartney.

  3. You back!

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