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I’m stopping. Maybe I want a break. Maybe I want to stop. But until I want to un-stop, stopping is what I feel like doing.

Crab, you were right. They are.

Mick, I’ll come to one of your gigs this weekend.

Everyone else, why not come to one of Mick’s gigs this weekend?



  1. nodnodnod!

    Tonight! Lighthouse!
    Tomorrow. Holy Grail, Kingston!

    Yes yes…and what do you mean, stopping? No stopping!
    Go Go GO!

  2. Is this another blog-break? Which I think are good from time to time, give you a chance to just live and only write when you feel the need.

  3. Of course I’m right, I am female after all :B

  4. I enjoyed your commentary of the election, look forward to your thoughts on the outcome!

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