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20070116helfer_230.jpgWhile bored at work the other day, I was browsing the web and came across a number of Galactica-flavoured bumper stickers such as the topic above. Anyway, as I am sometimes prone to do, I made one of them my MSN away message. It said “I’m not a Cylon, but my imaginary girlfriend is”.
This prompted several people to message me asking what a Cylon was. hell-oh! Ever heard of google? Actually, if you don’t know what a Cylon is, where have you been?



  1. yes we KNOW about google!

    google & you = same thing


  2. Where the hell have we been? Leading a full life away from the TV set 😛

  3. Yummm…Boomer could Cylon my arse whenever she wanted.

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