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I’ve been playing with YouTube, and featuring YouTube Sunday for several months. Of course, in the middle, I had to pause, when I didn’t have broadband access. But I decided now would be a good time to revisit the videos featured so far. So here, we have a summary. Provided for one of my friends. Who I made laugh today.


If You Really Loved Me – a song by Tim Minchin
Dam Wars – a mash-up of Star Wars and The Dambusters


We May Never Meet Again – a song for Alderney
The Future of Marketing – a cute little documentary
We Need Girlfriends – YouTube TV show


All Tip & No Iceberg – PJK at his best
John Safran‘s Race Around the World entry
Fred Dagg’s nomination for a new New Zealand national anthem
and a song from Neil Finn.

Enjoy. More next week.



  1. You didn’t make me laugh. The fly did.

    Thanks for a great day. Little One still wants to meet Canberra though. I told him she was busy.

  2. I have a video for you – one directed by Boyfriend’s friend Zac. The song’s been around for awhile, and the guy who wrote it contacted Zac about making the video. Check it out here.

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