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There’s a blog I used to read a lot. I really liked it. But then the writer became popular. And lots of blogs were pointing to them, so presumably, they gained a lot of readers.

I’ve mentioned before how I have read a lot about SEO, blogs as marketing tools, monetising blogs etc. So I know the methods that people use when they want to pimp their blog, make cash from their readers.

Anyway, this blog I used to read did all the tricks. Different streams of income; becoming an active part of the blog community; link-swapping; gradual changes to become “slicker”; becoming a recognised authority in their niche.

But ya know what? In the process, they became less interesting. I’ve recently been offline for a few weeks. Since getting back, I’ve been catching up on the blogs I used to read. And the blog I used to look forward to has changed.

jimbo_jones.jpg“You’ve changed man, you used to be cool”

I like to tell myself I write this for me, and to an extent that’s true. But like all bloggers, I like – and am a bit flattered by – the existence of an audience. I once said before “Here’s a trend in blogging and shoot me if I ever go down that path” and I gave an example, and was castigated for it. So this time I wont. Give an example I mean. But still shoot me if I take that path.



  1. They go from caring from their readers to their readers being a simple binary blip on a statcounter.

    Like you we all like a bit feedback, and we all like a little attention…but I have found that as the statcount goes up the meaningful comments go down.

    So it comes back to why and for who do you write?

  2. … what blog is it? ;o)

  3. great, make us all paranoid…

  4. Yeah well, you know, its hard to resist the allure of popular status u know…


  5. And another thing… those blogs w/umpteen ads and shit take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to freakin’ LOAD, too – and my online time is valuable & scarce. I don’t have time to waste on freakin’ WAITING for a blog just to LOAD. gah! lol

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