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One of the most popular destinations in my archives, at least when it comes to Google, is the YouTube Sunday post featuring the Doug Anthony All Stars doing Throw Your Arms Around Me. I miss DAAS. I also find it rather enlightening that there is now a generation growing up who do not remember them. But their legacy lives on in some of this country’s musical comedy acts, especially one featured in today’s YouTube Sunday – Tim Minchin.

He did this song a few weeks ago on Paul McDermott’s Sideshow programme. I became an instant fan. He’s got the oddest ways of rhyming words in the song. But it’s not just the song – his facial expressions are priceless. Especially when he sings about “…you’d agree to adopt…” I wont ruin it by explaining – just take a look.



  1. Sweet. I wish I’d watched more of the Sideshow. It’s at a time when I just….either don’t watch TV, watch sport, or just plain forget it’s on!

    You know…I reckon it’s just a matter of time before DAAS reform again.

    I mean, they’re all around. All we need is Tim to come back to the ABC and they’re all in the same buildng anyway..

  2. You’ve reminded me of an old post I did a couple of years ago about The Holy Grail, and inspired me to dig it out of the archives and re-post it.

    I had never seen this version, by the Doug Anthony All Stars. Thank God for DAAS, and for YouTube. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. Saw this one on TV and we were literally rolling on the floor….but that’s a different story…lol…..but seriously….love it….I’d never heard of this guy before, but I’m keen to see him live.

  4. LOL! HIlarious! — and yes, he definitely knows how to “play” for the crowd… that’s called Stage Presence, folks. lol
    Quite the pianist, too!
    Gotta luv eye liner & rat’s nest for a hairdo. lol 😉
    Thanks for that treat during this Halloween season! =)

  5. May want to check that link……doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  6. Works for me Cuz

  7. I love DAAS, I fell completely in love with Paul McDermot when I heard DAAS do Heard it through the grapevine on the Big Gig. (…boy does that date me!?) And Tim Minchin, the man puts me in hysterics everytime. I love his Peace song. If you don’t eat pigs, and we don’t eat pigs…. Why not, not eat pigs, together You can’t see it but I just dissolved into a giggle fit.

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