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I have made the decision to give Adam notice and find somewhere else to live. The “contract” he made me sign said I’d give 4 weeks notice, so I’ll do it when I’m next at work (I don’t have his email address at home). The plan is to begin looking again in a fortnight, so I’ll either move straight into the new place, or there may be a short period in between. But with Caerulia going into hospital for a week soon, I was going to have to shift to her place to look after Lucius then anyway.

Living here by myself made me dislike the arrangement, but him charging me for the whole last quarter’s bills (when I was only here from 18 August) more or less decided it for me. Oh, and him wanting me to pay a third of the rates bill. Or is Rome so screwy now that tenants pay for rates? Romans? Is it?



  1. Tenants NEVER pay rates. That is bull. Also, you should not have to pay for services whilst you weren’t even living there! That’s terrible.

    I think you are right to move out if that is the sort of swindle they are trying to pull!

    Hope you find something without it taking too long. It’s not fun!

  2. Agree with Mick.

    Asking you to pay rates is utterly ridiculous, and expecting you to pay bills for a full quarter is downright rude.

    Good luck with the house-hunting.

  3. Does he own the house? Otherwise I thought there’d be no reason for him to even see a rates bill! And that other bill thing is rubbish.

    My old housemates had a good setup with ACTEWAGL (I think) where they paid an averaged amount per fortnight, so when I moved it I jus took over 1/3 of that amount. At the end of each period there was either a debit or credit and they refunded/billed me 1/3 of that accordingly. Might be worth looking into, next sharehouse?

  4. From someone who used to work in property management, rates are absolutely, completely and totally the responsibility of the owners. Sounds like moving out is a good plan. Don’t let him talk you into paying more than you should though – I reckon he’s lazy and can’t be bothered figuring out how much you should be paying on the bills. Refuse to contribute to the rates, and work out how much you actually should contribute on the bills and pay that. He really can’t force you to pay any more.


  5. Tenants always pay the rates.

    It’s called ‘rent’ (or part of it anyway).

    The amount of rent a landlord charges has to cover their costs (and also ideally make a profit). Rates are one such cost.

    It is unusual to directly hit up a tenant for rates however…

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