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Surrender the BootyWhile playing email ping-pong today with my friend Ms Demon (so named because it’s her favourite football team and she’s the only person I know who actually follows them – especially in a year such as this) we got onto the topic of what we’d learnt from failed relationships in our past. Like most, I have plenty of material to choose from when it comes to taking lessons and so I told Ms Demon I’d learnt to avoid women who score too highly on the list of avoidable characteristics. Just for posterity, here’s the list. I should never consider going out with anyone who meets too many of these criteria.

Nurses; teachers; single mothers; girls who are too young (half my age plus 5 – it’s not a rule I made up); anyone with the same first name as someone I’ve previously gone out with; women who have kids I don’t like; Americans; anyone who has gone out with one of my friends; anyone who has a dysfunctional relationship with their parents; anyone who has spent the majority of their life in Judea; collingwood.jpg Collingwood, west-coast.jpg West Coast, adelaide.jpg Adelaide Crows or kangaroos.jpg Kangaroos supporters; anyone who lies a lot to their friends and/or family; anyone who owns or aspires to own a 4WD; anyone who watches reality TV; anyone who refers to her friends as family (to the point of self-deception) and anyone who ever voted Liberal in their entire life (except as a joke).

My problem up to now of course is that even though I was aware that breaking those rules is summoning vast quantites of trouble, I have done it regardless. In Alderney’s case, she broke several of them. In Veronique’s, I remember writing down all the reasons I should never get involved with her – and I broke the rules. But as Ms Demon said, it’s more about what lessons we learn. So hopefully I can.



  1. That’d narrow it right down mate! Although I might discriminate on football team as well 🙂

  2. What’s wrong with single mums? Especially when you’re a single dad???????

  3. Mick, football’s important. I almost put in Man Utd fans as well, but I only know one female Man Utd fan, and she’s cute, so I’d make an exception for her.
    Crab, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with anyone who fits those criteria. I said I shouldn’t ever go out with them. So you and I are doomed to failure before we even start *grin*

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