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server.jpgI’m examining my options for web-hosting. Amongst the possible providers is one that deals exclusively in game-credits from the world of Eve 🙂 Another is a deal which is one of those affiliate deals – so some online mates of mine would get credit out of the deal if I went with that. And of course, there’s deals from my own work.

Whatever I choose, here’s my offer to my blog-friends: If you wish to remove yourself from those big corporate set-ups that limit the customisability (such as and you want to share my web-space, let me know.

I was chatting to Nick from Whale Sushi the other evening, and he had a similar deal with someone a few years back, where he had a ‘sub-domain’ off someone else’s site when they did something like this (something like I also had a blog at a while back before a falling out with Willett.

But what I’m offering is the use of the space, and if you wanted to then register a domain of your own ( then you’d do that and point to the space. Setting up the domain will cost you (although it isn’t money you’d pay to me, but to whomever you register it with), but the hosting you wouldn’t pay for. I’d pay the $100-150 a year, you’d get the use of it without needing to pay.


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