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I’ve worked there three days now. It’s a permanent full-time job, so I suspect there’ll be a lot more. The most remarkable thing about the job is I am yet to find a reason to dislike it.

In the past, I worked in an ISP owned by The Evil Empire, which I found to be the most dysfunctional company I’ve ever worked for. Everything the staff said was regimented and scripted. Accepting blame for mistakes was forbidden & they measured ‘rapport’ with customers by how many times the customer’s name was used. Times for shifts, breaks, calls, everything were all measured and staff were answerable for everything they did, however trivial. Customers were routinely lied to (at significant financial cost to them) if the truth conflicted with the corporate image.

Here, mistakes and breakdowns are admitted to. Honesty and fairness to customers is the modus operandi. The customers are dealt with as if they were real people. Nothing is measured except whether the customer base (and therefore revenue) is going up or down. We’re free, not slaves. And the customer’s mood is the indicator of ‘rapport’ – although noone’s listening, so noone’s measuring it anyway.

The pay’s reasonable (not fantastic, but it goes up after 3 months) but the perks like the uncapped broadband account are fabulous. We’ve got complete control over our work PCs (mine’s already got MSN installed, and there’s none of this stupid proxy-server nonsense). I could blog from work if I were so inclined (I haven’t yet, but I may do soon). And today, I found out my boss is a former junkie on Eve – so I’m able to learn more about the game by chatting at work. I also never thought I’d get another job that was so free about my email-ping-pong addiction. 🙂

Anyone want a job?

I may stay a while.



  1. Excellent! Even though I have minimal work experience (hell, minimal ambition as well for that matter), but in those places I have worked, getting along with your boss makes it so much easier. I hope it goes well 🙂

  2. Sounds cool. Count me in on the uncapped 🙂

  3. Sounds too good to be true, they gotta be screwing you somehow, they just have to be, it’s how the world works!!

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