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poster_gallente_titan_big.jpgSaturday night, since my original plan (looking after Lucius while Caerulia went to the movies) fell through when Caerulia was ill, I had a quiet night at home. And I discovered a game. I’s the first time I’ve ever been hooked on one of those online multiplayer games. I never got into Dark Age of Camelot – which Willett & Javaira tried to teach me. World of Warcraft didn’t grab me. But after reading a recent blogpost of one of my online acquaintances, I decided to try out Eve Online.

I wont write a huge review of the game, for that’s the role of a marketer, and I’m just a n00b player. But I will say it reminds me a lot of Traveller, and that is a huge selling point for the game in getting me hooked. I played it all Saturday evening until the early hours, then Lucius came over Sunday morning, said “Happy Father’s Day” as soon as I answered the door, and then sat down and played Rome: Total War (I introduced him to it on Saturday morning). So my first Father’s Day back in Rome was spent sitting in the sun, reading, while my 8yo killed Greeks and Gauls – perfect really.



  1. Rome: Total War rocks! Still gotta upgrade my video card so I can see what Medieval II:Total War is like…..damn hardware incompatiilities!

    BTW- Does anyone know of any online wargames as simple but fun as the old Amiga game called Empire?…from back in the days before eye-candy over-rode playability IMHO.

  2. My wife made me disinstall RTW, and won’t even let me near M2TW. It’s _that_ good.

    In fact, it’s probably worth buying a new uberninja PC with massive screen just to play the evil fecker at max capability.

  3. I need a new PC…

  4. I don’t even know what RTW and M2TW are 🙂

  5. Think you’re right. It’s time to turn my PC all the way up to 11 – Spinal Tap style!

  6. Just don’t get the 18′ screen.

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