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I have it on good authority that some people showed at the Wig & Pen. Unfortunately, I failed to make contact during the hour I was there with anyone except Invig – whose blog I hadn’t read before, but who seemed an interesting enough chap. I understand that TJ and Nick both showed, but it was after Invig and I had left. And I’ve just discovered several messages left here from people who had to cancel. All up, a dog’s breakfast. Ah well, might try again another time. But the curse of Roman winters was upon us this evening – where social occasions are all cursed in winter.


  1. Hey Mr Aurelius – I spoke to Mick in the afternoon (and a cranky TJ later that night!) – Transport issues and not-actually-knowing-ANYONE issues kinda hampered my attendance.

    I say try again – we’ve hit another cold snap but should be warming up again soon ;o)

  2. Kind of you to say, sir. The impression was mutual.

  3. Here’s my hot-tip… let’s try again for a blog-meet somewhere where it doesn’t matter so much if we don’t know what everyone looks like… like Tilleys on a week night. A crowded pub on a friday night isn’t conducive to meeting fellow faceless bloggers…

    I realised that I was really looking for Zoe — anyone else I would have failed to recognise…

  4. Bugger about the meetup. 😦

  5. Sadly, I couldn’t make it. I got all the way into the city and then go called home for family stuff. An earlier time next time around would be cool, say 5:30PM?

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