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I’ve been back in Rome five weeks. Time to assess the decision?

blackcat.jpgThe house-hunting went quite smoothly, even though I did have periods of worrying that I’d made the wrong decision and I’d be stuck with the consequences for ages. But I’ve been mostly in the new place for this week and it’s been good. Adam and I are both net-geeks, so we’re going to upgrade the ADSL account to get a higher data limit. I’ve also found I sleep much better here – I suspect my allergy to Lucius’ cat was the issue there.

The job-hunt started slowly. I initially went to 2 agencies (Select & Hays). Then expanded to include a few more (Hudson, Kowalski and others). Hays gave me four days work, then Hudson gave me two, and another two this week. Kowalski, Hudson, Hays & Select* have all sent me to interviews. With mixed results. But nothing solid and long-term has materialised, so last week, I started applying for jobs out of the newspaper. A few of those turned into interviews, and we’ll see how they turn out.
map1.jpg* Select only did anything after they sent me a survey form asking for feedback, and I replied saying they’d done nothing in 4 weeks. So they have sent me to two jobs in the Transtiberina area, miles from where I live, and for one of them, they gave me the wrong brief of what the job was anyway. Considering how useless their Jerusalem office is, I now conclude this is an across-the-company form of uselessness they specialise in.

Because the financial situation plays out into everything else, until it gets sorted, I’m still keeping several other projects on hold. Which is frustrating, but unavoidable.

Even though the plan hasn’t gone exactly according to how I’d have liked, there’s not been any time that I’ve regretted doing it. I made the decision in October last year and didn’t carry it out until July. The reason I delayed it so long is something I read in a book last year about delaying major life-decisions for 90 days – so there is time to change one’s mind if the decision seems like a mistake. This move back to Rome though is a decision that I wouldn’t revoke.



  1. I hope in a few years, my big move will be as smooth. (I don’t know the proper term for this city, so I’ll skip it :))

  2. I like the ninety day delay plan. Years ago when I went through some dark periods, I used exactly this strategy to avoid doing things which weren’t a good idea. After the clouds had passed within a few days or weeks, I’d get my head straight again and thank the gods for my patient procrastination. I’ve found it works well in all kinds of situations- life, relationships, domestics, work.

    In the same vein, a good quote I read recently…”Often the difference between a successful marriage and a mediocre one consists of leaving about three or four things a day unsaid” (Harlan Miller)

  3. Select are a bunch of morons. I too decided to give them a second chance. An appointment was made and then cancelled by the interviewer at 6.30am. I have never had a reply to rebook the interview.

    Dumb fuckers

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