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I would like my own domain name. I would like to get some web-space hosted and run WordPress locally, rather than running through It will allow me more control over my content and the overall look and direction of my blog.

I’ve looked into it and two issues stand out.
One is a potential problem – I am not sure I know enough about what I am doing to do the management of setting up and operating WordPress on my own site.
The second issue is that the kind of web-hosting I want would supply me with *heaps* more space and data-transfer capacity than I would possibly use.

I figured therefore I’d solve the problem by utilising the second issue. Translation: I will share my additional capacity with some friends so they can help with the technical side of things.

So here’s the deal.

If you would prefer your blog be raised up from working in or Blogger, you can share my space. In exchange for assistance with setting up and operating the set-up. Fair call?

(All friends and colleagues I have invited to be part of this arrangement – you’re still in. This is just an exercise in expanding the small team)



  1. The host my site is with uses cPanel, which has a function called Fantastico. It is basically an automated way to install various web applications, it is a piece of cake to use. It also has the capability to update (with the help of a click from you) the wordpress installation(s) to the latest version.

    Feel free to email me if you want to ask more questions 🙂

  2. I have absolutely no technical knowledge and have only just started my blog yesterday. I can’t trust that I will commit to this whole blog thing, so I will pass up on the offer.

    Sorry. Mwah

  3. Yep, get a host with fantastico. It’s fantastico.

  4. I dunno dude. I’ve been burnt before.

    I need to learn how to love again and open myself to others….

  5. hey if you’re still trying to sort this out, I have a reseller account. Accounts I set up come with Fantastico etc, and I can even pre-install WordPress for you if you want.

  6. I use — and it uses Fantastico. Helped me, the least technologically proficient blogger in Australia, get set up with a domain and figure out how to transfer files etc. 🙂

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