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As some of you will know, one of my friends died three months ago.

In the months before she died, she wrote a blog-post which would appear shortly after her death as her way of telling her friends that the story was over.

For several months, since the death, odd things were happening. Some of us had received invites to join web services which supposedly came from her. I’d noticed that someone was using some of her online accounts. Originally, the theory was that her disappearance, and possibly even her death, were not as they had appeared. She was not that sort of duplicitous person though.

Yesterday though, one of her “friends” began adding to her blog. They’d hacked her password and so were able to edit her WordPress site. I have therefore removed her link from my blogroll. For it is no longer her site, but a pretender’s.

Only a true friend I presume would hack a dead person’s accounts to use them for their own purposes. Like all scum, I am sure they’re telling themselves the positive spin of why they are doing what they are doing, but what they are doing is disrespectful to her, and lying to everyone else. And I don’t care what their justification is, it contradicts what she wanted. She always told me she thought that after her death, her friends were not to be trusted. It seems she was right.



  1. That she doesn’t even trust her friends to leave her alone once dead is quite difficult to accept. More troubling is what one wonders about when she was alive, what did her friends do to her then?

  2. that’s bizarre. why would someone do that?? gawd.

  3. Gianna, because some people have no comprehension of appropriate behaviour. Their universe revolves simply around themselves, and their opinions take on the holy status of infallibility.
    Actually, this whole chapter pisses me right off. But I’m sure the fuckwits involved have no idea it’d piss her off as well – or it may not have entered their tiny brains.

  4. That’s really low. I can’t believe people would even think to go there, let alone GO there.

  5. That is horrible. 😦


  6. Hi, Aurelius. After reading the impersonator’s whole post, I think his heart is in the right place and that he, like all of us, loved Honey too.

    It’s just the first three paragraphs which are outrageous. Immaturity? Probably. Inexperience? Certainly.

  7. Hey Mike,
    I could excuse a stupid mistake. But the way this hacker has behaved toward those who politely questioned their actions (Crab & Byron) removes them from the category of foolish and puts them well into the camp of the completely unacceptable. I can understand them railing against the things *I* have said, because what I have said is intentionally hostile to them (because I’m extremely fucking hostile to them) but to attack Byron & Crab for their innocent queries means this person’s nothing more than an immature ignorant fuckwit.
    – Aurelius

  8. I agree wholeheartedly. I quite literally had steam coming out of my ears as I read that post.
    She wanted to end it her way, and some little (for want of a better word) cunt decided they had the right to mess with that.

    Vale Huniii. We miss you.

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