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geeks.jpgDetails are firming up for the meet next week.

I didn’t want to be the one making decisions, because it might look like I was being dictatorial, but in the absence of anyone else making a decision, I’ve made one.

It’ll be at 7pm Friday 31 August in the Wig & Pen.

Interest in the event has been expressed by Mick, Enny, Crazybrave, Andrew, Nick, Stephen, Nathaniel and AmpersandDuck so far. So hopefully it can be a nice evening of swapping stories, bragging and consuming stout. Of course, all are welcome.

In the interests of recognising each other (I know some of you have met before), someone suggest a theme – odd headgear or something similarly daft?



  1. Hi Aurelius,

    sounds like a plan 🙂

    The stout is good – and when it is on, the Aviator Double Bock is better. I had a friend blew over the limit DUI after two pints of the stuff (and that is impressive!) several years ago.

    I never go anywhere without a silly hat or two – look for the bloke in the expensive suit wearing the plaid trilby.

    Cheers, Andrew

  2. Awesome. Send out a calendar invite or dopes like me will forget.

    Can I suggest a theme of “wear something orange”?

  3. How about “wear a Mark Latham t-shirt”? I have a spare ; )

  4. Orange is doable — if liable to get us mistaken for Dutch nerds.

    Mark Latham t-shirts… not so much.

    I know what Zoe looks like and have a fair idea about Mick and &<.

  5. Don’t know if I can make it, but I missed the last one so I’ll definitely try. Like Zoe says, if I can make the small people pass out at the appropriate hour, I’ll get there (but late). I’ll recognise Zoe and Nick and a few others. I don’t own any Mark latham t-shirts, and probably nothing orange either…

  6. Hopefully Mick and MZ Duck recognise me :o)

  7. I’m still keen but it will be later — like 9…

    My parents are in town and may insist on being entertained by their only son until I can distract them and bolt for the door…

  8. I expressed interest already? Ha – alright, put me down as an 80% tentative. Orange? The only orange thing I have is a Sitepoint t-shirt I won at last year’s WD06 conference for a photo of the conference I posted on flickr 🙂

  9. On request, I have added the Meetup to Upcoming –

    Add yourselves and come enjoy some offline socialisation.

  10. I’ll be there on time and not for long (hour, max) so I might miss Nick 😦
    I don’t think we need to dress up. I’ve never failed to find bloggers in a pub yet…

  11. Bugger, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it. Both my kids are (sort of) unwell… I’ll see how they go.

  12. Hi Aurelius and everyone else,

    apologies, I need to pike out after all that, just RS after a long week at work and still not over the flu yet.

    I’ve left a phone message with Steve Collins, don’t have anyone else’s phone number that is going.

    Have fun and tell the world about it so we pikers feel guilty 🙂

    Cheers, Andrew

  13. Oh dear – this is a disaster!

    Something has come up for me too, and I can’t make it! Sorry!

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