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nf.jpgI know a lot of my friends who read here are fans of Crowded House. So I’m posting an entry I read this morning. It’s an American who has never seen them live, but got the chance this week and has written quite a long review of the gig and meeting the band afterwards. She’s also linked to more of their songs than I ever knew existed on YouTube (probably to help out all the people who have no idea who Neil and the lads are). And of course, I’m intensely envious of her.



  1. Nice! YouTube is banned here at work, but I’ll definitely check it out this evening.

  2. Alyndabear, that’s because otherwise, you’d be out in the schoolground instigating brawls to film and post to You Tube! Sinister places them primary schools.

  3. Thanks for linking to the article! Here’s an interesting tidbit… I saw them play two days later in Milwaukee and before the show, Mark and Matt were just walking down the street! We bumped into them and said hello and I asked Mark the name of the instrument he plays which is like a small organ that he blows into. He told me it was called a Melodica (he’s on the list of players at Wikipedia: ). My husband’s name is Max and Matt mentioned that his bandmates also call him Max. Interesting tidbit.

    The show was great – I almost enjoyed it better than the first show. Afterward, we waited outside for them with a large group of fans. Matt came out early and chatted with a lot of people and took quite a few photos. Mark came out next. Then Nick, who remembered me ;-), then finally Neil and Liam. I bought Liam’s CD at the show and he signed it for me. Neil came through and signed it too!

    Again, they were so nice and played an excellent show. The second show was quite a lot different than the first – with lots of jamming and a different backdrop setup. The second show solidified them as my favorite band.

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