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It’s raining today so my move around the corner is delayed until the weather is more suitable. But today, I have other things on my mind – I’m going to a second-interview for one of the jobs I’ve been chasing, and Lucius is sick today, so I’ve got him here (playing Lego Star Wars on the PS2 all morning).


I’ve just had a reminder though why this is one of my favourite times of year. Because I went to the letterbox, and the junk mail catalogues today are from:

  • an electrical store (selling computers & accessories, TVs, DVDs etc);
  • a store that sells BBQs and outdoor furniture;
  • another electronic store;
  • a men’s clothing store;
  • a department store having a huge sale on movies;
  • two from stores selling auto accessories; and
  • a office supply store (selling computer desks, office chairs and of course computers and accessories).

All this aimed at people wanting to buy Fathers Day gifts for next month. In other words, they’re all items aimed at my demographic – things to keep people like me happy. As I said, best time of year!



  1. How do you find Lego Star Wars? I’ve wondered about getting one of those Lego games, but I have never seen any Star Wars films, so I don’t know if I would understand what is going on.

  2. Sorry Sclozza, I can’t really say, since I’ve never played the game. My son’s hooked on it though. From my understanding, it’s not essential to know the plot of the movies. But if you really have never seen them, you need to get along to a Sociologist, because I’m sure they would consider you a rare specimen.

  3. I might throw a few bucks down at EB and find out 🙂

    I really haven’t seen the films. Strange being a full-blown nerd huh? The more people tell me that I must go and see them just make me dig in and resist the urge. I guess I never quite broke out of that teenage do-the-reverse troublemaker phase 😛

  4. The main reasoning I’d use Sclozza is that seeing the original trilogy will make the Kevin Smith films, and lots of Simpsons jokes make much much more sense. But if you can live without that…

  5. Oh. That I didn’t know.

    Clerks is like the retail worker’s bible. I should probably see them

  6. I do the whole dig-my-heels-in-and-not-watch-certain-movies-because-people-told-me-I-should. I still, to this day, have not seen Jurassic Park.

  7. Not watching a movie because someone said to is as shallow as watching a movie because someone said you should. Watch lots of movies just because, well, because! Because I said so.

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