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Will’s got a theory. I was telling DryEyedCrab this tonight, and she pointed out that Will seems to have a lot of theories. And the fact is, he does. This one I was telling the Crab about tonight is about how men and women, despite thousands of years of “civilisation” still think quite primitively in many respects.

ist2_2813071_the_outcast.jpgThe example we were talking about relates to how men tend to operate much more independently, and women operate cooperatively.

As a result of this, when women want someone to follow a particular course, they threaten ostracism. Because there is nothing they themselves fear more than being completely alone, separated from the tribe.

Whereas with men, they don’t fear ostracism much at all. If a man finds himself alone, it’s reflective time. We convince ourselves we’re like “Old Ben” living as a hermit out beyond the Dune Sea. We’re like Jesus wandering the desert for 40 days. It’s a time of meditation. Nothing to fear at all. We view alone-time more like something to be savoured, anticipated and relished.



  1. Hmm… I must be pretty male in temperament then. Ostracised is my middle name, and I like reflection time.

  2. Will’s theory is pretty sound…save that men like their theories to be tested and then ratified as sound by other men…we do like the validation, we just don’t need it if we know we are right…fortunately this is most of the time. ~grin~

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