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The word going around Rome is that the Liberals have booked slabs of advertising time for late October. Which I think will mean a late October election. Ah, I’m glad I’ve returned home in time for the games to begin.



  1. Yes! I would love to visit the tally room again. My Dad works for the ABC and can get onto the floor too. Of course afterwards we should all get wildly drunk in celebration!

    You in?

  2. i dont really have a comment on any of the things youve writen, altho i love reading it 🙂

    i just wanted to say that i love the tiny little smily at the bottom of the page LOL


    “love impy ;)” xx

  3. At the last state election while waiting in line, I saw that members of the public can be present when they are setting things up. Presumably, so you can see they haven’t stuffed the box full of rigged ballots. I’m going to do that this year.

  4. I wish I lived in Rome at times like these. I’d love to come to the tally room and get drunk.

  5. Oh, Man! I’m gonna be overseas late October. How will all those folks (from various parties) who expect me to hand out their how-to-votes cope now?

  6. MikeFitz,

    Maybe you can give them a virtual boost by parading around in skimpy swimmers and singing about the virtues of your favourite candidate on youtube….:P

    Would love to be in the tally room…..why can’t they do this in some civilised part of the country, closer to home?

  7. Marquis,
    The tally room is just down the road from me in Rome. Feel free to come visit for the relevant weekend. I was invited to be at the Bankstown Leagues Club the night of the “Sweetest Victory of All” speech, and turned it down because I figured we’d lose that night. One of my biggest regrets.
    – Aurelius

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