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Who wants to do one?

Since returning to Rome, I’ve met Mick and gone to a gig with him. And I’ve been chatting to a couple of other Roman bloggers. So who thinks we should organise a meet at somewhere like Tilley’s or the Wig & Pen?

Comment if you’re interested.



  1. I’ll be up for that. I missed the last one!

    Anywhere is fine with me. Are we thinking September?

    As long as there is beer and good people, I’ll be there 🙂

  2. Here’s my suggestion:
    Let’s get together on Friday night, 31st August for a drink (and maybe a meal)?
    I’ll let others suggest a venue (or argue with my suggested date)

  3. I’m in.

    Dinner (or just beer) is good for me.

    I’ll spread the word – happy with different days/venues. Somewhere with good tucker and enough parking is good for me, but I’m flexible.

    Cheers, Andrew

  4. Count me in – meeting some local bloggers who aren’t living in the social computing bubble (where I consult) will be a pleasant change.

    Just don’t do it between 4-10 September (please) – I’m in San Francisco presenting at Office 2.0 ( See what I meant about living in the bubble?

  5. I’ll make an effort!

  6. Count me in…

    Somewhere in the city or inner north….

    And let’s make sure the ‘ladies’ who are the real powers behind the canberra blogging throne are invited…

  7. Heh. I like your thinking, Nick.

    I think I can come. And I’ll try to rustle up the ones who actually like to go out in public…

  8. When would it be? :o)

  9. Gawd help me, I might actually show up, the Wig being my preferred local (even if it’s 30km from home)

  10. NaBloPoMo is strangely useful. I didn’t know that there were so many other Canberra bloggers (I mainly know Canberra SF writers who blog, and there are heaps of us). If you have another meetup, I’m definitely interested.

  11. That could be fun! Count me in.

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