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Ever have one of those days where things just shit you? I usually get them on Tuesdays. But today, I copped it a day early. Stuff like:

  • Going to a job interview where the agency said it was one thing, and it’s something differently entirely, including worth $15K less;
  • Trying to get my favourite sub only to find out that Subway have ditched it from their menu;
  • Re-discovering Rome’s awful public transport system, and it’s as bad as I remembered or possibly worse, especially outside peak hours;
  • Uncertainty about which of the two new houses I want to move to – pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, good and bad;
  • Drafting several blog posts but them not coming out the way I want; and finally..
  • vtech-bob-the-builder-mobile-phone.jpgAt the beginning of the year, I got a new phone. A second phone. With Optus instead of Vodafone. I figured that all the companies suck, it’s just a matter of degree. And I wanted another number because, actually, I don’t remember why, but I did. So I got an Optus pre-paid and hardly used it. Until I was dating Alderney, and her ability to call Optus numbers for free was useful, because she could use that number. So she was the only person I gave the number to. In fact, if I need the number for whatever reason, I have to go hunting through my g-mail account to find the email I sent to myself telling me the number.
    As some of you may know, when registering a pre-paid SIM card, you give your address as part of the process. I did. And after I’d had the Optus SIM for a few weeks, I started getting calls. A girl asking if I was someone (I don’t remember what the name was) from <my Jerusalem address>. And when I said I wasn’t, and she had the wrong number, she would hang up. Before I could ask more details, to find out who she was or who the person she was looking for was.
    Because no-one except someone who has access to Optus’ database would be able to link that number to that address, I assumed it was an Optus employee who was trying to track down a previous resident of my place.
    Since then though, I’ve been receiving calls (originating number suppressed) in bursts – several in one day, then nothing for a week. The phone rings once, then stops. Happens every time. So I rang Optus and complained tonight.
    Result: they claimed none of their employees would do something like that (because we all know if you work for a phone company, your ethics are impeccable) but they changed my number anyway. But I had to debate with them about the $50 fee they usually charge to change a number.

See – the world’s just pissing me off today. Must be a sign I need an early night. So goodnight everyone.

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  1. There was a stage where the phone would ring and there would be just silence – often at like 3am!

    NOTHING p!sses you off more than that sorta rubbish, but yours sounds more vindictive.

    I guess running at a close second is that my martial arts school phone number is transferred through to my number and was incorrectly listed as a personal number for some time, so I often get phone calls asking for a lady with an Asian sounding name, presumably to sell stuff to her… I’m getting better at handling that.

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