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For a while, I was planning to move in with Mick. He’s in a similar situation to me, and so it made sense to help each other out by sharing a place. But for various reasons, that plan doesn’t look like happening. So a few nights ago, I went trawling AllHomes looking for a place. When I did, I emailed a whole bunch of people.

One emailed me back – Chris. He is older than I am and had a place about 3-4 streets from Caerulia & Lucius’ place. So I went to see him yesterday. He was a nice bloke, with a nice place, so we said I’d move in this coming week.

But last night, I got a text from someone I’d emailed – Adam. Of all the places I’d emailed, Adam’s was the only one that I thought to myself “If I could have that one, I’d prefer it to Chris’.” So naturally, when I went there this morning and met Adam, he jumped to the top of the list. Why? Simple. Two reasons. He has broadband & his place is 5 or 6 houses from Lucius. Close enough that it makes everything much easier. But Adam wants to speak to the other housemate about it. So I’ll know tomorrow.



  1. Hope it all sorts out for the best :o)

  2. Update: Adam just texted me & it seems I’m moving to just around the corner.

  3. After seeing a house full of friends (to both themselves and myself) collapse into outright hostility, I would rather take my chances with randoms than ruin good friendships. It’s unfortunate this so often turns out to be the case.

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