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toefacessm_1_3.jpgA while back, I wrote about some of the lads from two bands I used to manage (Crumpet & Trouser Trouser) working together and doing a podcasted interview. I not sure if any of you actually downloaded and listened to the podcast, but for those of us who know the lads (actually, amongst the readership of my blog, I think that’s just me and maybe Ch@s?) it was nice to hear what they were up to.

This morning though, while browsing around the web in a bored and aimless manner, I found a website for Wedded Bliss. From what I can gather, Wedded Bliss is the new band that Blair from Crumpet has. But it’s not just him, as there are at least one (maybe two?) former Crumpies in there with him. Which is awesome, because they were the most excellent band in Rome back in the 90s. Anyhoo, their website has downloadable samples of their music if any of you would like to check them out. And they’re doing a gig at the Wanniassa Tavern, if anyone wants to go. *nudge* to Chas & Mick


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