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Tonight, as I sit here, listening to Caerulia in the next room watching Crowded House’s farewell gig on DVD, a number of questions are in my head.

  • Why did my readership soar on Friday well into triple figures?
  • Why does WordPress say one of my visitors got here from googling “big smelly jobbies” when I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase? (Just so you know, most other google visitors here arrive because they’re searching on the lyrics to “Throw Your Arms Around Me”)
  • While I understand that the top countries I have readers in would be Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand, how the fuck do the next five countries make any sense? (Bulgaria, Singapore, Israel, Uganda and Italy)
  • Why are there many fewer male bloggers than female? (Something Mick asked me on Wednesday night)


  1. Hi Aurelius,

    Sounds like “The StumbleUpon Effect” to me. I’ve also noted occasional and unusual increases in traffic because of it and have posted several articles about it at my site – the category is “StumbleUpon”:

    Then again, you probably already knew that, as I’ve just spotted you’ve listed me in your “Regular Reads”! Much appreciated. I’ve added you to my Google News Reader and also my Google Desktop RSS feed displayer 🙂

  2. I used to be smitten with the stats, I would dutifully check them everyday, but after a while I only checked one section: the search terms.

    Not surprisingly, ugly shows up 23% of the time 😛

  3. haha i have searches for nude aunties showing up in my stats.


    all usually from indonesia or india..

  4. Somerset Bob: I’ve only just started uncovering this SU phenomenon. I agree with what I’ve read of your thoughts on it though.

    Sclozza: I see them as a curiosity. People’s behaviour fascinates me, but only once I work out what the hell makes them do what they do.

    Lori: That’d be me…. on my Asian holidays…..

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