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And another thing, I’ve been wondering lately
Oh baby, tell me where have you been?

Last night, I met Mick and we went to see the Hoodoo Gurus at The Venue. The evening was excellent. Unlike Mick, I didn’t have the downer of running into an ex-girlfriend at the gig. But he seemed to cope okay with it. And we ended up in the extreme front of the crowd – so close we could read the set-lists in front of the band. Not that it meant anything, as the set list said they’d start with Bittersweet and they opened with Come Anytime. Noone was complaining though. In fact, the only complaint I have from the whole night is that we were so close to the speakers that my ears are ringing and buzzing quite seriously today.

The highlight of the Gurus’ set was when they did the extended live version of Leilani (a song that is good on CD, but soars to new heights live, especially with the tribal-sounding percussion). As always happens, the quiet bit in the middle of the song came along, and just as Dave was going to re-start the song with “Katoomba, Hey! Macumbah, Ho!” someone in the audience yelled out at the perfect moment “Kum-ba-ya!” and cracked Brad and Dave up, so Dave sprinkled “Kumbaya my Lord” into the middle of the song.

Gurus gigs are usually fun nights, and this one was certainly the best I’d seen them. It was their first gig in months, and the set-list was only a serving suggestion. Dave called for requests about three songs, but we couldn’t suggest songs that were singles. A guy in the front row asked for Son of a Gun, which they obliged him with. They played all the usual fare, plus some of their newer stuff that I didn’t know (since I don’t know anything from after their 1997 farewell tour). It was all excellent though, and I hope to have my hearing back to normal by the end of the week.

Oh, and to any overseas readers who don’t know about the Gurus, check them out here.



  1. It’s great to see the Gurus kicking it on stage after all these years. It really was an entertaining gig. Such a great mix of music. The guys looked like they were having fun on-stage and the crowd made enough noise even if it wasn’t packed.

    I really like the venue, “The Venue”. It is not big, but it has a pretty nice vibe to it, and considering the list of bands they have lined up, The Angels, Mentals, Jenny Morris plus more, they should get a pretty good following.

    Yeah…they really could have turned the Fenders down a little though. I reckon they were set to ’12’

  2. Mick: I dunno about you, but the ringing was quite bad for me for a full 48 hours after.

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