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Having met Mick last night for the first time, it was interesting to swap stories of what we thought of different blogs we both read. And we gave each other some recommendations.

Two in particular I recommended to Mick were Jobe, and Indiana. Especially Indiana’s bucket theory post, which I still think is one of the best things I have ever read on a blog. If you haven’t read either of these, have a visit.

We also discussed some blogs we both like (Yes, we mean you Steph) and some we actually don’t like. (I wont link to them, that might be rude)



  1. Thanks for the links! It’s good to get some links to some good guy blogs. We can’t let this blog-world be overrun by cute girl bloggers…

    Although…come to think of it….

  2. Yeah Mick, it’s not like you haven’t got a taste for cute girl bloggers, eh?

  3. Aurelius!!! Why are you hiding?? When I click your link it says profile not available so I come to Technorati and there you are.

    Noice to read ya, and thanks for making my ears burn 😉

  4. Steph: Oh, you were one of those I emailed a long time ago telling you I was being secretive about my new blog. Sorry, I’m not anymore – explanation about that coming soon.

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