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Shock, isn’t it? It stuns me that in this country, the populace trust the authorities so much.
This month has seen a shameful performance in this country. Lying cops, politicians jumping on bandwagons, journalists going along for the ride. Until the cracks started to appear. It seems the good doctor wasn’t a terrorist after all. Public prosecutors running away from the case. Cops looking desperately for people to blame for their illegal behaviour. Politicians pointing fingers at cops screaming “He didn’t tell me the truth! It wasn’t my fault I acted illegally!” And journalists shutting up and hoping everyone forgets the muslim-bashing they were engaging in in the last few weeks.
If nothing else, it’s shattered the myth of how well our government is protecting us from terrorism. They’re just a bunch of scare-mongers looking for scapegoats.
But now that the Doctors’ Plot can’t be used as the next Tampa, who’re we gunna be told to be scared of now?



  1. >> who’re we gunna be told to be scared of now?

    Headless Frogs perhaps 🙂

    Speaking of overzealous paranoia:

    “Wissahickon is the most recent district to mandate see-through backpacks, joining several other area suburban districts and private schools as they look to avert tragedies like the 1999 gun killings at Columbine and last December’s gunshot suicide by a student inside Montgomery County’s Springfield Township High School.”

    Watch out for the kiddy with the Tickle-me-Elmo backpack….he may be packing more than just PB&J sandwiches!

  2. Believe it or not, The Government Gazette printed an editorial critical of Andrews today. When even The Oz is against you, you know you’re in a bad spot.

    For that matter, when 60 Minutes is against you, how many clues do you need?

  3. Watching them try to salvage this situation and save face is just ludicrous. The flimsiness of the whole charade has left a great number of people with egg on their face.

    What frightens me more is the amount of people with egg on their face, they are all complicit in this. What else has slipped by, without the big public debacle?

  4. Oh Sclozza, you are far too cynical! They wouldn’t have done anything like that……

  5. Heh, I think cynicism is the only way to approach government.

  6. Sclozza,
    When I put that last comment there, I tried to add HTML tags around it to indicate sarcasm, but they didn’t work 🙂

  7. I got the tone, but in hindsight, my comment was a bit dry 😛

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