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The other night at dinner, Ch@s informed me he’d been reading my blog. And not only this one, but previous ones. This, ladies and gentlebeans, stunned me.

I had no idea that my real friends read it except when I’ve actually told them to. Like when I’ve told them the address, or about specific posts here. The concept that some of them are reading without me having done that kind of scares, kind of fascinates and kind of weirds me.

Like all bloggers, I try and write well. I try to write so I get across the point I’m trying to make. It’s exercising the self-expression parts of the brain. But I never quite understand why people choose to read what I say. This current incarnation of my blog has a much higher readership than previous ones (about double most days). But I have no idea why. I mean, I prattle on the same way here that I’ve always done. Especially since I think that some previous versions were better looking, and said some good things.

Which brings me to a question you should all answer. Do you ever write something on your blogs (or anywhere for that matter) and feel quite proud of it? Feel that it’s exactly the way you want it to be? And just can’t wait for it to be read? I do that occasionally. Maybe one in 50 blog-posts. Not much though. In fact, I can only recall feeling like that about two posts here. Posts number 115 and 65 actually. Ironically, they didn’t attract a lot of comments. Most of the rest of my blog is filled with my brain-dumps. So I’ve no idea why people read it. Even less idea why posts such as this one sent my reader numbers through the roof. Perhaps it was Marquis’ clever response to it?

On a separate topic though: good things are happening on the job front. Rome’s market is topsy-turvy now and so completely different to what I’m used to. I’m being considered for jobs that are about 50% more (salary-wise) than I was expecting; such is the demand for staff here. I’d heard rumours that was happening in some parts of the country, but didn’t imagine it’d affect me. It’ll be nice if it comes off though.



  1. Sometimes I write something and I can’t wait for it to be read by whomever comes across it. I used to get disillusioned when I got a lack of comments, but now I just accept that people comment if they are in the mood and don’t if they aren’t.

    There have been the odd posts that I am especially proud of, but mostly I just hope that someone gets something out of a post, no matter what it is. Even if it just sticks in their head for 2 minutes and they think about it and then totally forget it. That’s cool by be.

    Good luck with the job market. Rome is desperate for people, so I think you’ve returned at a good time!

  2. I tend to be more of a brain-dumper here at wordpress. My other blogs are more personal, more entertaining I suppose. I needed a space where I didn’t feel a need to be “on”. Writing is what I do and who I am. And of course there are moments when I read something I have written and am completely blown away by own insightfulness/brillance/intelligence…..(not in this space obviously!)

    I stumbled across your blog in global tags. I liked the way you made our cities seem more exciting by giving them other names. I like the seemingly stark honesty you bring across in your posts. You give of yourself without revealing too much. I’m not a big commentor. Mostly because either someone else already said what I wanted to say, or because I am not quite sure how to formualte my response. But it’s always the posts we think are just plain dull that everyone else seems to want to talk about and the ones we think are brilliant and thought provoking the ones people tend to skim. We’re all just voyuers really, simple peeping toms. We’re waiting for those glimpses of skin, not really caring too much about the marrow in the bones.
    But I ramble….

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