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One of the main things I missed about Rome was the lovely mix of restaurants available. In Jerusalem, “Asian” food meant hundreds of restaurants making the same kinds of things – Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese. And everything was terrible “same” regardless of where you went. But yesterday, I got to try, in the middle of Rome, some Sri Lankan food at the Banana Leaf restaurant. Caerulia goes there all the time and always tells me how great it is, so the first chance I got, I asked her to show me.

We both ordered the Lomprisht – I hate ordering the same as anyone else when I go to a restaurant, but since Caerulia had said that was the best thing to try, I was left little choice.

Lomprisht looks – when it arrives – like… let me explain here what it looks like… imagine someone getting three DVD movies with their packaging, and wrapping it in green banana leaves – that’s what it looks like. You unwrap the leaves, and inside are three curries in one – a chicken one, a fish curry and a vegetable curry. All in this banana-leaf “plate”. And the taste? It’s as good as any curry I’ve ever tried. Not overly spicy – just enough to clear your sinuses – but tasty in the extreme.

If you’re Roman and you haven’t been there – try it.

Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for the lunch. I owe Caerulia $18 for it 🙂


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  1. I used to live in Rome. Never eaten at theBanana Leaf before, but will have to try it next time I am there, that’s assuming of course I can convince the cullinary spastic spouse to try it. (We tended not to venture into the city much)

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