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While off in Jerusalem, I let my membership to the Party lapse. And I joined and was a campaign manager for one of the minor parties. But last night, I returned to the fold, and I’ll officially rejoin next month.

mohdhanif.jpgThe advantage of last night was that the meeting was addressed by our local member of the House of Reps. Not surprisingly, one of the hotter issues was Labor’s silence on the issue of the Dr Haneef case which I have briefly mentioned previously.  Our local man though made a good point about why our side had been silent. He said that the detention, questioning and bail hearing had all been done quite fairly. Prior to that occasion, it was said that the courts approving extensions to detention and questioning would be just a ‘rubber stamp’ formality. But the magistrates involved showed they weren’t going to simply sign off on whatever the police wanted. So the laws were working fine (whatever we think of how trivial the offence was) up to that point.

Where our side has serious reservations is in the visa revocation. And this morning, with the Deputy PM contradicting the relevant minister, it is looking even further like the visa revocation was not done properly. And is soon to be examined in court.

But why isn’t our Party speaking out more on this issue? I liked his answer to that one. He said that this issue is the Government’s fuckup, and why should we say anything when the media and other sectors of the community are doing a good job of showing how badly the Government is tying itself in knots? So I guess he has a point there.

I can’t help agree with the Judean leader when he says the current debacle is undermining the public trust in the “anti terror laws”. Police lies, ministerial lies and general incompetence is showing every time a new angle to the story hits the media. From my side of politics, it makes for an entertaining sight.

And it was nice last night to once again get the story of what’s happening on the inside fo the Party.



  1. I can understand the logic behind why the federal Labor party has appeared timid throughout this ordeal but a quick doorstop by the leader to say as much would prevent it looking like he’s trying to squirm out of taking a definitive position.

    It was agreeing with the government’s course of action initially and treading water until public opinion could be guaged that made many people (me, at least) feel that Beazley had lost his backbone during Tampa, Children Overboard, Siev X, et al…..

    People want to see leadership and accountability, not populist aphorisms moulded from poll driven dribblings.

    Them’s my thoughts…..discuss.

  2. Oh, I see the hand of David Epstein behind the strategy. He is Kevin’s newly appointed Chief of Staff, and he was responsible for the atrocious Beazley ‘small target’ strategy which served us all so well. Disclaimer: I hate Epstein, and think he more than anyone else except maybe Howard has kept us out of power for ten years.

  3. >> He is Kevin’s newly appointed Chief of Staff…

    There goes another election victory down the drain.

    Small target works for right wing parties to win power….keep your mouth shut and wait til the lefties have spent too much on essential services then wallop in and cut, cut, cut.

    Left wing parties on the other hand need to sell a vision of a better future, better opportunities etc. They have to build that vision, sell that vision and convince the people that it can be achieved.

    …unless of course that vision is so aligned with the conservatives values that it’s impossible to tell the difference. See Giddens, Blair, Carr, Latham et al. I thought Rudd may have escaped that black hole…but perhaps I’m mistaken.

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