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While I’m away, have a look at these articles.

First, one on how a democracy can evolve into a dictatorship. It’s a little dated, and it’s American, but it’s got some decent points.

The next is on the life lessons to be found in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.



  1. That Bueller thing? Pure genius.
    Just like the movie.

    Thanks for that!

  2. The study found that global warming since 1985 has been caused neither by an increase in solar radiation nor by a decrease in the flux of galactic cosmic rays. Some researchers had also suggested that the latter might influence global warming because the rays trigger cloud formation. I am find a blog which give some useful information on Global Warming.

  3. Tarun,
    “Cosmic rays…. woooooh!”
    Not only do you come here spouting utter bullshit, but you do it on a post that shows you can’t even understand the concept of ‘relevance’.

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