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I was just in the cafe getting some lunch. And what did I see?


Some smart-arse came up with the idea decapitating chocolate frogs, and selling their heads. Am I really so out of touch that this disturbs me and noone else??



  1. This is a potent symbol of John Howard and the big corporations’ attempts to decapitate the working class and remove all neural activity from the political process. We should start a grass-roots campaign called “Show us where the bodies are buried”


    What you reading there?

  2. haha Marquis!
    (the pic isn’t mine – i nicked it online)

  3. I don’t know what’s sicker- decapitated chocolate frogs….or people who trawl the web for pictures of decapitated frogs 🙂

    Expect a knock on your door in the middle of the night….

  4. Oh, they totally rock, I love those! 😉

    I support the decapitation of frogs – only ones made from chocolate. 😉

    Snoskred – has a new home at –

  5. I like it Marquis.
    I think the heads are great. I think there should be more of them.
    Jelly Baby Heads
    Easter Bunny Heads.
    Chico Heads
    Caramello Heads.

    There’s a whole head market there.

  6. Mick – Where do we draw the line though? Soon they’ll be genetically engineering chocolate frogs and jelly babies with three heads and then farm them purely for their craniums. I still want to know- what do they do with the bodies? Harvest them for organs for all the rich chocolate frogs of the leisurely classes? I think we should commission Peter Singer to write a paper about whether this is the beginning of the end of morality, though many would argue that this process began on 11th March 1996.

    But seriously folks… much are these heads? Are they the same price as a full frog but with only half the content?

    Since I don’t have a sweet tooth, I guess I’ll never find out, nor particularly care, but it’d be interesting to know.

  7. hahahaha…

    i love that.

    I always eat my frogs headfirst!!

  8. meanwhile in France, they serve individually-wrapped deep fried Freddo’s legs…

    hey, on the subject of good heads for chocolate, being an ardent republican, i’d suggest the Queen’s.

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