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Some days, I am disgusted to live in this country.

Mohammed Haneef, an Indian doctor who worked for a local hospital here has been held in custody for two weeks because he gave a SIM card for a mobile phone to his cousin. He was leaving the country, the card still had credit, so he found someone who could use that credit. Unfortunately for him, his cousin got involved with a terrorist group, and the SIM card was used to make calls to dubious people. A court today determined he was not a danger to the community, so the doctor was let out on bail.
But the fascist scum who are in government here have revoked his visa, so he cannot work or live in the community. So he’s been taken to one of the detention camps for illegal immigrants.

reith.jpgTen years ago, this government minister (right) gave his phone card to his son. The son clocked up fifty thousands of dollars of calls, and the taxpayer footed the bill. The minister denied knowledge of the calls, never had to pay the money back, and was promoted to the Defence portfolio (where he lied during the 2001 election and tried to blame the Air Force chief for his lies).

This country makes me sick.



  1. Many thanks!!
    very nice topic!!!

  2. I choked on my toast when I read this in the newspaper. If ever there was an example of due process failing, this is it. I have to admit, I am not up-to-date with the expanded powers of law enforcement in the recent times, but I didn’t think we had the never ending detention policy. To be held without charge for such a period of time, and then to have it extended seemingly ad-infinitum is like punching lady justice in the throat.

    What pisses me off more is that people see this as fine, “he aided terrorists”. Bullshit! It was a SIM card! To think of all the things you can lend a friend, that has more use or power than a SIM card, and then to follow on with any possible uses of that object leads us down a path I don’t think we should go down.

  3. I also think it interesting to see that Haneef is being blamed for not knowing his cousin was a terrorist, when MI5 didn’t know! And the SIM card he gave his cousin wasn’t even used in any part of the “terrorism” activities. As I said, disgusted!

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