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I was reading Indiana’s blog today, and a quote he used stuck out:

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?

I thought about that question. Know what? If I were to answer it, I’d answer that I’d restructure my life to be closer to my friends, closer to my son and working for a purpose I believed in. I’d do exactly what I’m doing. Because a while back, I stopped being afraid. I stopped worrying about the future. I bought out of the bullshit game that we’re mostly all locked into.
Sure, I’d change some things if I were able to script the whole thing.  And yesterday’s YouTube Sunday post gives a hint to some of that. But other people have their choices to make and their paths to travel. I can only decide my destiny. So I’m going home.

Obviously, in the next few days, if I go silent, you’ll know why – because my computer (it’s name is Praetorian) will be packed up into the Lancer and will not emerge until we’re back in Rome.

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  1. Bene ambula et redambula, Aurelius.

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