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As I’ve said before, I originally began using alternate names for places and people so my blog couldn’t be googled by my friends. That though was a long time ago, and now I don’t care who reads it. But I’ve kept the names as a kind of tradition and because it adds flavour to the blog. And I asked last week for assistance with a map. I am therefore eternally grateful to a chap named Mike, so emailed me this today. Mike lives on the other side of Jerusalem, and has a site where he (unlike most people in this city) identifies himself as a geek. I wont get into it here and now, but Jerusalem is the only place I’ve lived where people still think the word geek has negative connotations.

Anyway, thanks to Mike for this.




  1. This idea of renaming stuff is really great – I love it.

  2. I’m glad you explained that.. here I was thinking you were jetting off to Italy.. 😉

    I’d hate to be moving from Jerusalem where it is reasonably warm at the moment, to Rome where I believe snow is on the cards, right now.. 😉 That is if I got the places right, it’s hard to tell on that map..

    Snoskred – has a new home at –

  3. Good luck for your journey to Rome and thanks for the link. (BTW, I’m comfortable with my geekiness.)

  4. Yay, a map! FINALLY! =)

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