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At work, there’s a bowl used for lollies. Yesterday, for the purpose of contributing to said bowl, I bought a large pack of M&Ms. But when we opened it and tried a few, they tasted stale and dirty. So one of the girls grabbed the phone and rang the company. In minutes, they agreed to send out supplies for all 12 staff in our section at work. A much better outcome that two years ago when I got into an argument on email with one of the girls in the M&M public relations department (she tried telling me the different coloured M&Ms tasted the same – I’d have thought someone who worked for the company would actually have some idea what the product tasted like!).

What a pity I wont be there when the freebie M&Ms arrive. *sigh*



  1. If you beg the Lizard, I’m sure she’ll send some down.

    When I was in high school, my mum found a rusty old nail in a packet of frozen beans. I convinced mum that she should ring the company and tell them what she found. The phone call ended with them accusing my mum of putting the nail in there herself.

    They didn’t send us any free M&Ms *pout*

  2. They have different flavours?!

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