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It’s Russian. It’s pronounced temnaya nochya. It means dark night.

As some of you will know from this post where Will responded quite extensively, Will is of the opinion that our western culture is facing a showdown against Mother Nature, and it’s not a confrontation that is going to be pretty. With global warming threatening climatic, disease and food-supply problems and peak oil presenting serious problems to world trade, food supply and our energy-hungry culture, there are considerable problems presenting themselves.

One possible outcome of all this is a catastrophic collapse. Essentially, this means a reversion to pre-Industrial levels of society, where travel, cheap energy, exotic foods and nation states virtually disappear. But no shift would be possible with enormous disruption and, well, a fuckload of violence, anarchy and warfare.

This is the outcome Will and I refer to as the Temnaya Nochya scenario – the worst possible outcome. It would herald a new dark age. It’d be ugly. And realistically, while one could try and build defences against such an outcome, the destruction would b so extensive, it is unlikely that anyone could reliably guarantee coming through such a catastrophe.


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  1. I’m bored this morn, so will just to bounce some rambling thoughts for the sake of discussion….

    At the risk of sounding like a first year sociology student, it seems that Marx’s prediction about capitalism bringing about it’s own demise may be on the money. It isn’t the workers who revolt but the planet itself- and they who care to address the issue- Not necessarily the blood and guts of revolution but as Will says, most modern wars are about natural resources and no doubt that trend will compound as things reach tipping point.

    All the half-arsed attempts at so-called socialism were doomed to failure in the past because they led to isolationism and insular paranoia. This was because, like a teenager trying to grow up too quickly, the world hadn’t yet grown beyond capitalism. Only in the future will mankind look back and say “We were young and naive and thought we knew everything…”(sound familiar?)

    Not that I really think capitalism will die or that socialism is going to be any kind of answer or even a logical consequence of the things to come – humans are inherently selfish and prone to corruption. I’ve always been intrigued that Marx argued the change would come as a logical consequence of the flaws in the capitalist system. All of the revolutionaries who followed him were just to impatient to let nature run it’s course….much like the religious zealots who can’t wait for the day of salvation and thus bring about their own demise by thinking that they can bring it about themselves (aka Jonestown, Waco, Aum Shinrikyo in Japan, Solar Temple cult in Canada et al…)

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