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I use pseudonyms for most people and place-names on this blog. I started doing it to avoid some people finding it via Google, but now, I’m not bothered about that. And I just do it to maintain the ‘flavour’ of the blog. But I want to do something beyond my own capabilities, so I’m asking for assistance from the readership.

If you can help me create a map in jpg format, with place-names on it, then please contact me. It wont be a lot of work – just getting a blank map of Australia and adding some city names. But I know stuff all about graphic programs, so I’m putting the call out. So if you can help out, drop me an email? Thanks peeps.



  1. Hmm… sorry, I have no such know-how.
    But, look fwd to seeing the finished product, so I know where the hell you’re talking about 1/2 the time! lol 😉

  2. If you have a blank map you can just add place names to it in MS Paint. It’s not complex.

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