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There are a number of spoilers doing the rounds for that children’s book series. And I was tempted to post something to spoil the story for those who are desperately trying to avoid the different strands. But I wont. Instead, I’ll post this image, which someone sent me a few weeks back.




  1. ah, love it.

  2. Snape kills Dumbledore? Does he? — must not be reading closely enough, jeez. So he really was a bad guy.

    Also: the village is a part of a modern nature reserve — well, that’s just intriguing. But I stopped watching M Night Shymalawhatsit movies after Signs. which sucked. Which reminds me: Ordinary water kills the aliens & Samuel L. Jacskson is an arch-baddie. Now all the bases are covered… except for that shitty one about the chick in the water

  3. You can get this on a t-shirt at
    That’s where the design came from. i have been very tempted to get it!

    This gave away a few endings to me 🙂

  4. Yep, Snape killed Dumbledore in the sixth (I think) book. But there are rumours……………..

    Some of them make no sense to me though. I confused.

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