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You wake up. It’s Saturday morning.

You look across your pillows to your clock-radio. But it’s not on. “Black-out?” you ask yourself. You get up, wander to the bathroom, and habit means you flick the light-switch as you go confirms your theory – no lights. You use the toilet. It flushes, but the cistern doesn’t refill. But refilling is usually quiet, so you don’t even notice.

Shower next, and so you strip down, step into the cubicle, turn the taps.

And nothing.

Something’s wrong. You’ve been awake less than a few minutes, and your day’s turned to shit.

In our societies, we’re incredibly reliant. On other people. On technological devices. On energy. We cannot function if there weren’t these support structures. But have you ever given thought to what you’d do if they disappeared? If they stopped working? Or do you assume they will always work, so why worry about it?



  1. I’d probably take an apple and go sit on a bench at the park across the street from my apartment. It would be interesting to see what people do as they realize the infrastructure is down.

    I think I could learn to like being dirty.

  2. Some friends were without power for three days during the tempest whilst trying to manage with two kids under the age of two. Luckily they were the outdoorsy types and had all the necessities like gas burners etc. to do the cooking and whatnot. They said it was inconvenient but kind of enjoyable.

    Not being the outdoorsy type, I wouldn’t have fared so well and been utterly miserable….probably waiting forever for the pizza delivery that never came!

    Fortunately I found a suitable back-up plan – Choose a partner who is the outdoorsy type and self-sufficient. Just make sure they don’t turn out to be lying:

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